Frequently Asked Questions

YSeeker? What does that it mean?

The goal behind the project was to seek the truth of life. To know and understand about things happening in our life. Hence, we were seekers. The Y, on the other hand has three different meanings.

  1. The Y denotes Yggdrasil, the mythical world tree or the tree of life from Germanic and Norse mythology.
  2. Every seeker has faced with the one most frustrating yet vital question “Why?” Hence, Y is also a short form of “Why?”, and is a daily question to our self, “Why are we seeking this?”
  3. Like any seekers/explorers while we seek for one thing, we find something else, we find who we are. Here Y denotes You/Yourself; we are seeking our self too.

Who owns YSeeker Broadcasting?

We are an initiative of Rovirek, a Section 8 registered non-profit organisation. Most of our independent channels are owned by Roamer Media. Both Roamer Media and Rovirek are the media and non-profit divisions, respectively, of Rodaasim Media (OPC) Private Limited. YSeeker Broadcasting is completely independent in day-to-day operations, with Roamer Media providing the infrastructural and technical resources and support, and Rovirek providing the financial resources and support. Our readers also support us. This means we are editorially independent, and we are building a platform to sustain ourselves while maintaining our independence.

What is Rodaasim, Roamer Media, and Rovirek?

Rodaasim Media (OPC) Private Limited, (Formerly The Collection), was founded in 1994, in Bengaluru, by Byrappa, as an umbrella organisation, with a goal to build a better world and a better life for everyone. Every single initiative is tested here before it is launched as under any division or as a new division of Rodaasim.

Roamer Media, founded in 2013, in London, is the media division of Rodaasim, and is in charge of all of its content, software’s, apps, technology, publishing, and digital infrastructure.

Rovirek, founded in 2012, in London, was for most of its life a shadow initiative at Rodaasim, with its work largely in the private domain, until the public launch in 2012. All of Rodaasim’s non-profit initiatives are financed and operated under Rovirek.

Where can I find you?

At our excellent range of online channels. Also of course, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Do I need an account to access any content on YSeeker channels?

No, it is freely accessible without the need for any account, even to comment, all you need is a valid email id, or a Twitter or Facebook account.

Can I freelance for YSeeker Broadcasting?

Yes. We are always open to experts and new talent alike. Please read our writers’ guidelines here, before you apply to us.

Who writes for you?

Our small team and a group of amazing volunteer writers contribute to channels. We are in the process of hiring part-time/full-time staff writers, as well as identifying new and upcoming talent and nurturing and mentoring them. You can find our masthead here.

Most media is identified as traditional, moderate, or liberal. How does YSeeker identify themselves and are you biased to or against anything?

We have an extreme dislike for labels, and would not want to identify ourselves as any of the three choices. Our only bias, for which we would like to be identified for, is for the truth. All of our content, even the entertainment ones, has to add value to you, the reader, and where possible, create awareness and a change for the good. For these goals, when necessary we are ever willing to investigate anyone and everyone, regardless of persuasion or pressure from any individual, organisation, government, or special interests.

Why do you not make any endorsements?

As a moral obligation, based off our personal, professional, and business ethics, we abstain from making any endorsements. In addition to this, as we operate in a global level, we as a non-profit are forbidden by law in some countries. Our job is to present you the facts, and create awareness about a topic, thus empowering you to take a decision, a decision that you feel is the right one.

Do you accept advertising?

We have a long history of a love/hate relationship with advertising in general. We are planning to experiment with experimenting and we want it to be as non-intrusive as possible. Contact us to discuss.

Where is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

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